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Hi! My name is Christina and I'm the woman behind the camera at Christina Joye Photography, located in beautiful Highland, Michigan. I am a newborn and baby photographer.  I have always loved photography and babies. After having my son I would take pictures of him and suddenly everything just clicked! I was meant to do this! I was meant to photograph new life. I've been at this for 8 years now! (Meaning I have an 8 year old! How the heck did that happen!) 

The newborn stage is so precious; but goes by so very quickly. Babies truly are little miracles. I stare in awe at my own two sons everyday. I just can’t get over how beautiful they are. Their gorgeous blue eyes, their cute little lips, their long eyelashes, cute little swirls in their hair, their little pudgy bellies and of course their little fingers and toes. You may not feel like taking pictures just days after having a baby; but, let me tell you that those images will be treasured forever. I had newborn portraits taken and I am so glad that I did. I just adore the picture of my son and I. I hope that you will allow me the privilege of photographing your new family. I want to make memories for you that your family will LOVE and treasure forever. So you can remember just how tiny and perfect your new baby is and reminisce about all of their tiny little details.

When I'm not behind the lens you can find me playing with my two boys. I am a huge lover of movies! Just check out the images below. I may be slightly obsessed with the Jurassic Park and Jurassic World movies. LOL  I mean, who doesn't love dinosaurs?! In the evenings I like to enjoy a glass of wine and sit out on my deck enjoying the beautiful nature around me.  I am also a huge crafter.  I love making things and dabble in many crafty hobbies.  In fact, I love making my own photography props.  A lot of what I have in the studio I made with my own two hands! Which hopefully means that they are unique to Christina Joye Photography and will just add to the uniqueness of your finished images!

Any other questions, just ask!

My studio is located in my home. You will have access to comfy seating and privacy if you are nursing. Watch a movie on the big screen or take a nap. You have access to a full bathroom, fridge, sink, and microwave. Feel free to bring a snack, lunch or any comforts with you. Toys are available for siblings.  Outdoor play is allowed (weather permitting). Adult supervision is required and a waiver must be signed.

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